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Portrait of a purple and white goat. Artwork by Peachybat.



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June 26, 2022

Moo Like a Goat!

pixel art of an anthromorphic goat scrolling on her phone

June 26, 2022: I'm prepping some art for Art Fight 2022. This year I'll be participating on Team Bloom! Peep my profile here if you're artistically-inclined. new

Hey there! I'm Moo, your friendly local lesbrarian goat gal. I like drawing cats and the color pink. I fuss with my code frequently, so pardon the mess. Here you'll be able to find a gallery of my recent art, my collection of hexagonal honeycomb stamps, and a growing assortment of links that I am slowly feeding my bookmarks bar into.


May 20, 2022: More links, new art, and some graphical tweaks. I want to add new pages next.

May 5, 2022: New look! I'm making the nervewracking transition to preprocessing my HTML with HTP. Bear with me as I smooth out the edges.

April 20, 2022: New blog post: I've decided to become a witch.

March 30, 2022: New page--Art!

March 27, 2022: New page--Links. This one in particular will always be changing and growing. I have a bottomless supply of bookmarks!

March 22, 2022: New pages--About, Blog, and Graphics.

March 20, 2022: Honeycomb stamps are uploaded.

March 16, 2022: New look!


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pixel art of a purple crystal cluster


Pixel Pets

Pixel Pets

It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed! Visit my Chives in Flowergame! a kitten with a small green melon on its head a leopard-patterned guinea pig
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