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Moo Like a Goat!


Art I've made! Click thumbnails to view larger resolution.


Headshot of a purple anthromorphic goat in a sunhat baa-ing Left and right side references of three guinea pigs. From top to bottom: a puffy yellow, black, and white guinea pig captioned 'Silly: Nervous. Loves to eat.'; a fluffy black and white guinea pig with splashes of red around the face, captioned 'Rufus: Aby-tude. Waits his turn.'; and a smooth brown and white guinea pig captioned 'Marty: OK with tickles. He's the boss.' A pen drawing of three cats: one lying down rolling his eyes, one talking, and one sitting awkwardly to the side. Text: A Starless Clan - River. Enjoy the new book! A long pink furby with small white wings. A short, dark blue anthromorphic stoat with yellow and red flame motifs on the chest and tail. a vaporeon designed to look like mackerel sushi a brown and pink cat and a brown cat cuddle on a pink background six differently colored cats Reference sheet of Moo, an anthromorphic purple goat pixel art of an anthromorphic goat scrolling on her phone a strawberry golden tiger rears on its back paws


A smiling black man gives a shaka sign from the seat of a tractor a fluffy cat holding a tiny white kitten is sillhouetted in the doorway of a barn animated pixel art of an orange and gray variegated monstera plant colored pencil art of an angry gray cat taking a bath A pale cat with one wing made of snow holds a small star in its paw A homage to Richard Scarry illustration with a collection of feral cats A smug cream cat curls their tail under the chin of a two-tailed cat black ink linocut print of a cat as the high priestess tarot card, reversed a symbol is scratched into the bark near the base of a tree a tabby cat floats between the beaks of two herons an anthromorphic Clydesdale holds a large spiked flail a greyscale and red headshot of an unnervingly smiling man the head of a wolflike creature with antlers and a galaxy-patterned face a landscape painting of a sunny forest grotto painting of a soft guinea pig on a cloth backdrop a white spotted mouse holding the whisker of a large cat-shaped toy a mother cat floats on a lily pad with her kitten as two other cats look on the disembodies head and paws of a siamese cat holds a marionette puppet shaped like a cat with ghosts around its head landscape painting of a forested cliffside carved out by a rushing stream a blue cat with a peg leg scratches itself on a beach a black silkie chicken cares for a single egg in front of a white cloth backdrop a colored pencil parody of an Ukiyo-e of two anthromorphic cats wearing kimonos a sharp-toothed clown in a ponytail drops down into a void from a glowing portal a scruffy black cat rests in a sunbeam between a pile of snow and a plume of smoke a smug tabby cat curls their tail under the chin of a nervous black-and-white cat


A light novel parody cover of two anthromorphic cats with the title 'Is having a crush on a girl against the Warrior Code?'
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