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Moo Like a Goat!


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  • Name: Mooeena, Moo
  • Other nicknames over the years: Moe, Snarlkin, Snarl, Glass
  • Pronouns: she/her/hers
  • On Earth since: 1997
  • Online since: 2005
  • Time Zone: EST
  • Other facts: Cis lesbian. Inattentive ADHD. Millenial/Gen Z cusp. UU/Jewish. Socialist. BS in Aerospace Engineering. Children's Librarian. Dabbling web developer. Eclectic artist. Mom friend.

I'm an internet native who learned Microsoft Excel before I learned to write in full sentences. I spent most of my childhood lurking on Neopets, Deviantart, GaiaOnline, and Warrior Cats roleplaying forums. I started learning to code with Neopets petpages, and I've been teaching myself bits and pieces since then. I loved all things science when I was younger, and I went to college for engineering to pursue that interest. I burnt out, hard, but graduating with that degree is still one of my proudest achievements. I'm a librarian now because I want to be able to foster that eclectic love of learning in others.

Online, you're likely to find me mostly in art circles. I drew voraciously as a kid, and I began picking up the habit again after college. I can work in practically any media besides knitting, but I mainly do digital art with Clip Studio Paint or on Oekaki programs. Cats are my first and truest love, but I also love rendering textures, painting backgrounds, and making resources for others.



  • Corporations
  • Bigotry
  • "Cringe culture"
  • Regigigas (I am afraid of his terrible Sounds)


That purple goat up there is Moo! She's me but fluffier. My fursona is a goat because goats love to hop on top of things, waggle their little tails, and make trouble. I'm just a kid that likes to yell.

I've been drawing anthropomorphic animals for as long as I remember, but early exposure to certain influential internet forums (you know the ones) turned me off from identifying as a furry for a very long time. I thought furries were embarrasing! But some time around 2016 I realized that there was really no difference between me and the nice, weird, gay animal people I'd been following for so long. So I bit the bullet and embraced being a goat on the internet.

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