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Moo Like a Goat!

2022 Art

Art I've made! Click thumbnails to view higher resolution.

A purple anthropomorphic goat dressed as Zorayas from Elden Ring points to the right while loaded down with merchandise. Next to her is a woman dressed as Malenia from Elden Ring. She is holding a plush Molcar. A tan anthropomorphic dog with long, braided ears and tail holds a baseball bat with a sticker that says Smaaaash!! An anthropomorphic capybara holds a gigantic purple worm on a string like a feather boa. A tan anthropomorphic tapeworm with a round red nose floats over a transgender flag background. A drawing of a mottled brown cat with small green horns and pine cones on its tail. Two anthropomorphic dinosaurs, a gallimimimus and a pachycephalosaurus, walk in a park, holding hands. A fluffy gray feline wearing a red heart-shaped eyepatch laughs evilly. A cinnamon pearl cockatiel proudly displays a leaf on her head in front of a sun-patterned background. The leaf is labeled HAT! A garnet and red caracal grins over its shoulder as blood coats its muzzle and left paw. Headshot of a purple anthropomorphic goat in a sunhat baa-ing Left and right side references of three guinea pigs. From top to bottom: a puffy yellow, black, and white guinea pig captioned 'Silly: Nervous. Loves to eat.'; a fluffy black and white guinea pig with splashes of red around the face, captioned 'Rufus: Aby-tude. Waits his turn.'; and a smooth brown and white guinea pig captioned 'Marty: OK with tickles. He's the boss.' A pen drawing of three cats: one lying down rolling his eyes, one talking, and one sitting awkwardly to the side. Text: A Starless Clan - River. Enjoy the new book! A long pink furby with small white wings. A short, dark blue anthropomorphic stoat with yellow and red flame motifs on the chest and tail. a vaporeon designed to look like mackerel sushi a brown and pink cat and a brown cat cuddle on a pink background six differently colored cats Reference sheet of Moo, an anthropomorphic purple goat pixel art of an anthropomorphic goat scrolling on her phone a strawberry golden tiger rears on its back paws

Last updated: June 10, 2024

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