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Moo Like a Goat!


*deep breath*

That was the sound of me screaming. I'm back from a ten-day road trip, which was lovely, but also jam-packed, and now I am accordingly ten days behind on anything else I was supposed to do. Homework, mainly, but also spring gardening and owed art and, like, scheduling appointments. And so, of course, here I am adding links to my page and logging into Gaia Online. Did you know zOMG is back and Flash free??? I spent most of my early teens on zOMG. It sucked then and still does lol. Gaia's added two or so more turn-based RPGs, and they suck too. Didn't stop me from playing them, though. Now, who was I supposed to call when I got home, again?

Oh right, my pharmacy called to pick up my ADHD meds...

a pixel doll of a girl with long, messy blonde hair, a sleeveless black turtleneck over baggy cargo pants and a chunky belt. She is holding a shortsword and is barefoot.

This is what my Gaia Online avatar looked like for years, with or without black raven wings. I dressed like that irl, too. Cringy... XD

pixel art of a purple crystal cluster
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