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Moo Like a Goat!

You heard me. I'm moving to the big city, and I've decided the only logical response to moving from semirural Virginia to the circumcenter of three goth stores is to get witchy. I'm going to wear a lot more black and cook out of my cauldron, so why not sprinkle in a charm here or there?

In all seriousness, I am going to severely miss my endless gardening and walks in the woods, and I know I'll need something to ground me when we move to a tiny apartment in the concrete jungle. I've never been one for Wicca/Paganism, but I am drawn to the archetype of the witch as a common-sense village authority with an air of mystery. I already do things like brew tea for cramps from raspberry leaves I grew myself and fix my coworker's desktop with an opaque ritual, so I think it could be a fun way to tie it all together. I would like to put together a grimoire of spells and recipes as well, but I think I'll organize it digitally before I commit it to paper.

Are you a witch? Do you practice magick, plant-, tech-, or otherwise? I would love to hear from you. Send me an or write to my guestbook!

Yours in Magick, Moo.

Sources of inspiration

  • Terry Pratchett's witches
  • Appalachian folk wisdom
  • Gardening
  • Jewish folklore
  • DIY/lifehacks
  • Placebo Magick (podcast)
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